Vittorio Dassi


The furniture by Vittorio Dassi (1893-1973), made between the 1930s and 1960s, is particularly distinguished by the choice of precious woods such as rosewood, cherry, ash and walnut, often decorated with inlaid panels and crystals designed by great masters of glass engraving.
Elegant in design without losing their functional quality, his furnishings can be combined with the refined style of Giò Ponti and Franco Albini, to whom Vittorio was linked.
The masters of design of the period left a testimony of their ideas through their work with manufacturers and artisans,which in that period were crucibles of innovation,creating pieces that went on to become iconic and which still today represent the guiding spirit of modern design and are widely appreciated.

Among the most important of his projects is the creation
of the furniture for the rooms of the Hotel Royal in Naples, designed by Giò
Ponti in the mid-1950s, a period that marks the turning point for Vittorio
Dassi towards more schematic forms and teak wood for the production of modular furniture.

Wood is a living material of nature with its infinite
variations of color and grain, Vittorio Dassi loved Rosewood and Teak, in
particular, knowing how to dose and enhance them in sinuous and sweet shapes
with a generosity mirroring his spirit. 



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