01. Italian Design Innovator

Narrating a crucial epoch for the foundation of the ideas and creativity behind Italian design and around the world, still relevant today. The story of an extraordinary encounter between Gio Ponti, Franco Albini and other leading architects and designers of the period and Vittorio Dassi, a well-known and esteemed manufacturer from the 1930s on which lead to him becoming a designer in his own right – helping to create and define modern, mid century modern and even contemporary furniture styles in the years he was active from 1930 to 1973, the year of his death.

02. Product

The Product Redesign pathway has as its objective the definition of actions that allow the updating of Vittorio Dassi products with a view to:

  • Sustainability, rethinking production methods that look at the circular and regenerative economy;
  • Digitization, increasing functionality through the integration of digital technologies and devices.

Technology along with the study of new materials and processes will attain new achievements that will become new standards thanks to the direction of the project by the architect Antonella Bondi in collaboration with POLI DESIGN, Milan, in the person of Prof. Francesco Zurlo, and Prof.  Matteo Ingaramo. Design, following on from the work of Vittorio Dassi, will dress these innovations, giving soul and life to the pieces, with the generosity of heart that every piece by Vittorio Dassi expresses. Quality is an indispensable basis in the product but it must be a foundational in the relationships of all those who taking part in this project, control of raw materials, sustainability in the project,  in the processing  in logistics and in all the working phases; regeneration of materials is another fundamental element.

03. Premise

Vittorio Dassi, a designer from the 30s to the 70s, designed and created handcrafted products of great value, which can be linked to Giò Ponti and Franco Albini, with whom he was associated through important collaborative projects.

Today, thanks to Antonella Bondi, architect, who, with passion and dedication, research and tenacity put together the Vittorio Dassi archive, the following collections will be revived and launched on the market with significant partners:

Vittorio Dassi Vintage

    • Vittorio Dassi Modern
    • Vittorio Dassi Oriental
    • Vittorio Dassi Hospitality
    • Vittorio Dassi Young
    • Vittorio Dassi R&D

Thanks to the collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and the support of Mark Richardson